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Maisons de site de Mandailles,Pas de Peyrol, Dienne.

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LettrineL’Enclos du Puy Mary

La route menant à L'Enclos du Puy Mary L’Enclos du Puy Mary is situated at the heart of the Valley of Jordanne. You will access to the hotel at the entry of Mandailles coming from the Col du Pertus and from Aurillac by the D17 road. If you’re coming from the Puy-Mary by the D17 road, you will have to cross the village. The main establishment, in front of the church, dates from the 1800s. Centenary linden trees line l’Enclos with shade during the summer. The Jordanne river flows behind the hotel.


LettrineDiscover the "terres du Cantal" with a Guide

Guide Cantal Auvergne

Discover the Cantal : Ground of sensations and emotions throughout the 4 seasons with Vincent Terrisse.



Starting from Mandailles, it is possible to practise supervised activities such as Pedestrian hiking, Canyoning, Climbing, Via Ferrata, Mountaineering, Nordic Skiing, Cross-country skiing, Hikes with snowshoes, Ice cascade.


LettrineFlying in the sky of Mandailles

Cantal Air Libre

Cantal Air Libre is a paragliding school situated at Mandailles. Monitors organise first flights, initiation and improvement courses at 200 meter from our hotel.


LettrinePaintings exposition at l'Enclos du Puy Mary

Toiles présentées dans La souillarde de L'Enclos

Claudine FORCE is exposing at l'Enclos du Puy Mary. You are invited to discover her paintings in the restaurant room, the souillarde but also the entry hall of the hotel. You will be amazed by many techniques represented throughout her works.

Arlette BEAUFILS is also exposing watercolours paintings representing Mandailles under the snow.

LettrineNew : Renting snowshoes in Mandailles

Logo du balisage parcours en Raquettes

You can rent snowshoes and sticks for the day or half a day at the mairie of Mandailles Saint-Julien. At 500 meters from L'Enclos du Puy Mary, a 2 hours itinary is marked out.

LettrineThe Cascade of the Luc

La cascade du Luc

The Cascade of the Luc falls into the Jordanne river. The cascade is situated above the camping that bears its name. The access from Mandailles is relatively easy. Hiking up through the beech grove is however delicated during raining weather. When the temperature strongly decreases, the cascade transforms herself in ice. The spectable is then very beautiful.

For further information on the numerous cascades of the department, go on

Cantal Cascades.


LettrineThe cheeses road

La route des fromages

The Auvergne cheeses road is passing by Mandailles-Saint-Julien. It is the perfect opportunity to discover the fabrication:
- of the cheese SALERS , at Isabelle and Gilles MANHES farm
- of the goat cheese at Odile and Jean-Paul LADONNE farm in Benech.


La route des fromages Les chèvres d'Odile et Jean Paul Ladonne Le plateau de fromage de l'Enclos Les fromages et Yaourh d'Odile et Jean Paul Ladonne


LettrineMandailles-Saint Julien de Jordanne

Le long de la Jordanne à Mandailles

Mandailles-Saint Julien Mandailles-Saint Julien is one of the thirteen communes that compose the Grand Site of the Puy Mary. It is the ideal opening door to access the Grand Site by the glacial circus of Mandailles.


LettrineThe house of the Site at Mandailles

La mairie et la maison de site à Mandailles

A house of the Site, next to the Mairie shows a panoramic exposition on nature, landscapes and human heritage.


LettrineThe Puy Mary

Le sommet du Puy Mary

The Puy Mary (1787m) is known as the most beautiful summit of the Massif Central. It is also the biggest volcano in Europe. It looks like a pyramid. Its form has been shaped in the course of history by the glaciers that cover the top and went down the valleys. From the top, a real network of valleys shines in stars and give him its particular form. Classified site and "Grand Site de France", the Puy Mary is protected for the beauty of its landscapes, the wealth of its flora and the diversity of its wild fauna.


LettrineThe Gorges of Jordanne

Le pont des Gorges de la Jordanne

Do not to miss this route ! You will pass by a developed path along the river. The bridges are made in arches, footbridges, floating pontoons and it is very securised in this site very well preserved.


LettrineHiking paths

Le balisage des sentiers de randonnées

Nine hiking paths are marked out from Mandailles. Several levels of difficulty are possible, from begginer to confirm hiker. A lot of of excursions are also programmed by profesionals who would share their knowledges of the environment.

LettrineThematic supervised hikes

Laurent BESNARD - Randonnée accompagnée au téton de Vénus

All summer, Laurent Besnard, mountain guide, organises thematic hikes that will enable you to discover the valleys of the Grand site du Puy Mary.

LettrineWild fauna

Laurent BESNARD - Chamois au Puy Bataillouse dans les Monts du Cantal - Copyright Yann Tregaro

Observations of the wild fauna are regulars in the valley of Mandailles. A supervised journey is programed ever friday. Departure at 8:30 AM in front of the house of the Grand site.

Rando Volcan from Cantal Destination on Vimeo.