Around Mandailles

Outdoor resort – Site house

The hall is the market place for Mandailles, cultural and sporting events.

The site house reveals the nature and landscape of the valley.
The outdoor resort aims to bring together outdoor activities. Both are 500 m from L’Enclos du Puy Mary:

  • Museography of flora and fauna and landscapes,
  • Summer activities,
  • Departure from the GR 400 and hiking trails,…

From mid July to the end of August, The Grand Site du Puy Mary will provide shuttle buses from the maindailles site house.

Tél : 04 71 47 94 42

Puy Mary, destination Volcan

Auvergne is a volcano destination. Le Puy Mary (1787m) is one of the peaks of the Massif Central

It is also the largest volcano in Europe. It looks like a pyramid. This shape has been given to it over time by the glaciers that covered the summit and descended into the valleys. Seen from above, a real network of valleys radiates in a star shape and gives it its very special shape. A listed site and a major site in France, Le Puy Mary is protected for the beauty of its landscapes, the richness of its flora and the diversity of its wildlife.

The Pas de Peyrol pass provides access to Le Puy Mary. It is the highest road pass in the Massif Central (1588 m).

The GR 400 travels on the 70 km diameter volcano.

Between July 11 and August 25, a shuttle system allows you to travel to the large site of France. 2 lines, the Falgoux – Dienne and Mandailles – Le Claux. Departure from the site house every hour from 9 am to 5 pm. Information: 04 71 47 47 04 14 / 04 71 46 22 49.

Cantal Festival in Mandailles

Come and meet Isabelle, Gilles and Cyril, Cantal cheese producers in Mandailles.

The Luc – Liadouze waterfall

The Luc waterfall is located in the Jordanne valley, 800 m from Mandailles. Its height is about 40 m. Access by Mandailles is relatively easy. Take the opportunity to continue to the hamlet of Liadouze.

In winter, when the temperature drops, the waterfall turns into ice. The spectacle is then of all beauty.

To learn more about the many waterfalls in the department, visit Cantal Cascades.

On the cheese road

La route des fromages au départ de Mandailles

The Auvergne cheese route passes through Mandailles-Saint-Julien. It’s an opportunity to discover:

  • La ferme de Lavaissiere, at Isabelle and Gilles MANHES’ house: making Cantal on Tuesdays and Thursdays in summer, cold cuts, jams in Mandailles Saint Julien
  • Cyril Delord’s cheese in Liadouze,
  • Martine’s velzic jams,
  • Cairns workshop / Mountain Gallery
    à la Maison de site, at the Maison de site, contemporary mosaics by Stéphanie Leray-Corbin mosaïques contemporaines par Stéphanie Leray-Corbin,
  • Jean Paul Ausset’s Cantal at the legal pass buron in summer,
  • Le Salers Tradition by Marie-Jo and Guy Chambon with Algour buron, Néronne pass in summer,

The Jordanne Gorge

10 minutes from the Enclos du Puy Mary, a discovery course not to be missed. You take a path along the river. The passages of arched bridges, footbridges,…, are carried out in complete safety in this magnificently preserved site.